Assured – By Brinkley’s

Assured by Brinkley’s – A legal and rental policy with added peace of mind

Whether you’re an experienced landlord or your beginning your first steps at becoming a landlord, you can be sure of one thing, unpredictability. Despite the in depth checks we make on applicants who wish to rent a property through Brinkley’s, we can never provide guarantees  for the condition of the property throughout the tenancy, the rent being paid on time or at all. The majority of circumstances, for tenants, it can be out of their control; redundancies, changes to personal circumstances and bereavement are at most, unpredictable.

Should unpredictability happen, there are three things you can be sure of: -

  • Loss of rent, that could amount into tens of thousands, causing a financial risk for the landlord.
  • The property suffering, with a large financial burden to rectify the property for the next tenant.
  • A legal bill, that on average can amount to over £4,000.00*

Brinkley’s, have worked with 1000s of landlords and tenants, so who better than us to provide our landlords with a level of cover that no other Estate Agency in the UK can provide, safe to say, we can give you peace of mind.

Assured by Brinkley’s doesn't just cover the for the loss of rental but it will cover your legal expenses up to £50,000.00, serving the relevant and required notices (section 8 & 21). We made sure that there is no excess to pay; helping to keep your costs down.

You may think that this type of product is going to come with a heavy cost, it won’t - we covered that too. Assured by Brinkley’s, starts from as little as 0.49 pence per day*

Here’s a few key points about our exclusive product.

  • No excess to pay
  • The policy, will cover section 8 and section 21 notices
  • Covers up to £10,000.00 per month, rent arrears.  We are the only agency in the UK to provide this high level of rental cover
  • £50,000.00 Legal indemnity cover
  • We pay you 75% of the monthly rental  for up to two months after vacant possession
  • Property damage, nuisance and trespass
  • Eviction of squatters

For further information, please pop into your local branch.

*the amount stated is a guide on typical costs for defended claims, please note this amount varies from different legal practices, case type and other factors.

**price based on the average cost of our policy when compared to the average rental at Brinkley’s.

For full terms and conditions please contact your local branch, this policy is provided exclusively by Brinkley’s